Well I’ll be damned…

It takes something pretty phenomenal to floor me. Not to seem elitist, but I’ve just seen way too much rubbish on the net to actually be inspired to blog about things often.

Snooki becoming a mother? Nope, that didn’t do it…

Jessica Simpson’s alien-sized baby bump. Mmmm that almost did it (seriously, how is she that fucking huge and not broken?)

Lady Gaga walking the red carpet with nude lips and a demure white shift dress? Yeah, that’d do it.

But when I saw the above clip of a Tupac’s hologram performing at Coachella, I was stunned.

When I first heard that a hologram of Tupac had taken the stage at Coachella, I was positive it would be some embarrassing attempt to stun the crowd. Video footage designed to set the social media world abuzz.

What we got was so much more, real. A spine-tingler if  I ever did see one. An experience I wish I had of forked out the cash to witness.

The legend. Could he still be alive?

It actually looks as though Tupac has taken the stage. It’s eery to watch. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up – and the effect was only worsened when Snoop Dogg took the stage to perform ‘Gangsta party.’ (Gee, two mentions of Snoop in as many posts – who do I think I am? Some kind of Thug Mansion resident?)

I think you’ll have to pick your jaw up from the floor peeps.


  NQC x

What is the coolest thing you’ve seen recently?

Do you think Tupac’s still alive?

Are you wondering how you’ve suddenly left NQC and landed on Lequisha’s blog?