The breakdown of ‘The Perfect Man’.

We women are fickle creatures.

We can look at a guy in the street and tick imaginary boxes in our head without so much as a ‘hello’ passing (good head of hair, nice shoes, straight teeth, would scrub up well in wedding snaps) – and in equal time, we can recognise the deal breakers. (Skin too pale, not ideal breeding genes, and those shoes! Girl, hells to the no, o-kay?) 

It’s all kinds of cray cray.

But riddle me this. If I asked you to picture the perfect man (and by ‘if’ I mean, do it), what would he look like? Would he have the face of The Goz? Jude Law’s sweet (and totally seductive) grin? Hamish Blake’s boyish sense of humour? Chris Hemsorth’s ability to protect you from all kind of evil? (and his big man arms to boot?)

Yeah, I’m liking the look of this picture actually.

When it comes to finding the perfect man, are we putting too much emphasis on the ‘perfect’? Think about it, can anyone actually live up to your sky high expectations?

Honestly, even if he doesn’t have the world’s best hairline, does that mean he ultimately isn’t worth reproducing with? Is the way he cradles his sister’s baby not ‘textbook’ enough for you? Are his group of friends not the perfect groomsmen you’d envisaged?

This just in. Just because he doesn’t seem ‘perfect’, doesn’t mean he isn’t perfect for you. It doesn’t mean he won’t make you laugh and make you feel loved for the rest of your life – and is that not all (or everything) you could ask for? Yeah man, that’s some Hemingway shit right there.

Don’t mean to be harsh or make you feel guilty, but hey I will. If you are neck-deep in the first parts of a delicious love tale, odds are you have yourself quite a catch, whether you fully realise it or not. And I bet my bottom dollar there isn’t much (or anything) he’d want to change about you. (Feeling guilty yet?) Why? Because boys have the amazing ability to make us feel completely and utterly cherished. They also don’t waste time with people who don’t matter. It’s hard enough to get a guy you like to commit, so if he finally does – entirely, odds are he’s not really in it for the weekend. He wouldn’t be with you unless he thought you fit the bill – and that is the truth.

Skeptical girls: here are some things to keep in mind. If there are parts of his personality that seem a little immature, or his dress sense leaves little to be desired, or his group of friends are wankers – it’s really not cause for alarm. People grow, and they change – and odds are that the things that worry you now, will pretty much forgotten in a few year’s time. So stress less baby. Enjoy the ride.


Who is your idea of the perfect man?

What are your dealbreakers?

Are you guilty of crossing guys off as potential baby-makers because of one, slightly trivial factor? Shame on you. Naughty squirrel.