London life.


Okay, so when I say life I don’t really mean ‘living’ in the sense that i’ve packed up every lipstick and pair of shoes I own and carted them abroad. It’s also nothing like the image you see above. No, not quite. I do however, have a few months off to visit some family and some very good friends of mine who have actually taken the plunge and done the scary thing and moved over to the dark side. (Well if i’m honest it’s not that dark, not until around 10pm at least.)

So why the sudden change in location? New experiences mostly. Instead of a mind-blowing, drink-until-the-sun-comes-up-then-stop-for-an-hour-then-continue kind of Contiki European adventure, I’m opting to stay in the heart of London, soak up the Olympic fever and focus on experiencing day-to-day life in a city other than Sydney – at least until my boyfriend gets here. (Then it’s hello Paris, San Sebastian and Amsterdam!)

So what’s on the agenda? Well there’ll be shopping, lunching and by god there’ll be drinking. In true London-style. As in we’ll visit the pubs that are never called by their actual name, for e.g the Sloany Pony (or, as it’s found on the map, The White Horse.)

What have I learned since I’ve been here? Just because it’s not featured on the Monopoly board, doesn’t mean it’s not important enough to visit. Though, mind you, I find people do seem to be talking to me in Monopoly-style references when I ask for directions.

Also, that just because you can buy it doesn’t mean you should. It’s been just a week, and while i’ve already picked up quite a few winners while on quite the ‘holiday high’, i’ve been cocky and just bought a few items without a visit to the fitting room – and as a result, there’ve been a few regrets.

So is the end of this post. But please, do away with the tears. There’s another just around the corner. I promise.