So you’re moving in with a boy…


Gosh, is there anything scarier?

I may sound like a total hypocrite, seeing as I always swore never to make the multi-gender move until I firmly had a ring on it – but, it’s happening – I’m pretty sure come March I’ll be moving in with The Boy, and I must admit I’m a little nervous about it.

Why you ask? Well as nice as it will be to come home to said beau each night, it’s also a major test of your relationship, the ‘make or break’ if you will – which is ironic, seeing as you’ll be signing a contract promising to live together for at least a year. *gulp*

I have seen a few couples go through this very stage of their lives, some of which have come out hand-in-hand with a deposit for a place to buy together in one hand and a shiny diamond ring on the other, and some that have caught the train straight to Splits-ville, with no turning back.

I don’t want to be a statistic. I want to do this for the right reasons. That is, because things are going peachy keen jelly bean, and because he’s my best friend, and when taking our current living situations into account – it makes sense to shack up and save some serious coin.

Now I know the importance of not just climbing your way into the dreaded ‘Boyfriend Cave’ – it’s detrimental not only to your own relationship but to your relationship with your friends as well. It’s tough though, seeing as it’s (the Boyfriend Cave) such a dreamy, comfy place to rest your weary head each evening. But you must be strong – you must make an effort to get out and see the [other] people you love around you, not just for the sake of your relationship, but for the sake of your sanity, too.

You want your home with him to be your happy place, not the place you’re trying to get away from.

So come on sugar, if it feels right – make the move, and if it doesn’t, hang tight – your time will come. I pinky promise.



Have you ever lived with a partner before?

What valuable lessons did you learn?

Did everything turn out peachy? Or more pear-shaped?