Golden Globes 2013: how it should be done


Oh dear.

I’ve gone and fallen in love again haven’t I?

Don’t tell The Boy. He thinks I’ve got far too many long-term love affairs on the go already. Read: Leighton, Jaime, Minka… just to name a few.

Emily Blunt has done it again. Just when I thought I couldn’t be ‘wowed’ on the red carpet anymore (I haven’t been for a very long time, I’ll have you know) she goes and blows. me. out. of. the. water.

The gold dress, the embellishment on said gold dress. The earrings, the top know, the peek-a-boo cut-outs, the subtle smoky eye, the slightly tinted lips. It’s got me in one hell of a spin.


She’s minxy without being inappropriate.

What do I mean by that? Well picture Ke$ha in a similar ensemble? It’s like trying to serve sewerage on a silver platter. Ick.

Of course, there were a few other A-listers who seriously floated my awards season boat – and I’m going to wow you with some images to show you just what I mean.


Mrs. James Bond.

Geez. Could this polka-dotty hottie be any more divine?

Rachel Weisz may have had 42 candles on her cake at her last birthday – but she looks better than most girls half her age. Just sayin’.


Ryan Seacrest’s better half dazzled me in this poofy gown.

Normally I’d shun her for donning something this wedding dress-like, but the top half of the gown redeems her, I must say.

I also love that Julianne Hough returned to a classic smoky eye and almost nude lip. It’s like a safety blanket and a statement that she’s comfortable, confident, and she doesn’t need a punchy in-your-face lip to get attention. Bravo, lady. Bravo.

Now, for the uncomfortable part of the evening. The worst dressed list.

I mean, you never want to see your name here – but there are two people who I can’t help but feel need to learn a lesson.

Jodie and Halle. I don’t want you turning up on a red carpet again until you can learn to be less frumpy and Ms. Trunchbull-ish, and less like you’ve stepped out of a 1992 Puff Daddy video clip. You know who you are.



  NQC x

Who ‘wowed’ you at this year’s GGs?

Which look do you like the best?

Who’s look did you loathe?