NQC ‘Targets’ back-to-work fashion.


Isn’t shopping fun? You know what isn’t all that fun? Trying to find work-worthy attire that doesn’t cost the bloomin’ earth.

You spend 5 out of 7 days at work, which means that you spend more time in work-wear than you do any other kind of erm… wear.

So where do we go to find clothes that will go the distance and help to impress your colleagues, clients and superiors? Well some head straight to Cue, but unless you plan to rock up in your 1972 Lambourghini, and be ushered in with your assistant who has your black American Express out and ready to be used and abused, then it’s likely that you can’t afford an array of new outfits there. Just sayin’.

So where do you go to find back-to-work fashion that won’t see you seeking out a second mortgage?

I used to ask myself the same question.

It wasn’t until I was invited to check out Target (you can visit the online store here, you cheeky little so and sos), and their range of extensive back-to-work fashion options, that I realised just how easy it is to look absolutely amazeballs – without breaking the bank.

It was just this Sunday past, I grabbed Mr. NQC and we headed for Bondi Junction. I’ve frequented that Target before and I knew it was big enough to give me room to move. I was armed with vouchers, and I wasn’t afraid to use them.

The goal? Find an entire outfit for under $150.

Yes, I’ve bolded that last line because it’s so damn-dingin’ unbelievable, I just had to reiterate that I felt like I was on a suicide mission of sorts. I was convinced it couldn’t be done. Top, bottoms, shoes AND accessories for under $150 big ones? Ha! Mr. NQC told me I was crazy, and a part of me believed him. But I was going to give it everything I had. Never let it be said that I don’t love a challenge.

We walked into the ladies section of the store and I must have grabbed about 7 items before sending Mr. NQC to grab me one of those nana trollies in which to store my goodies. Given, I was once a Target employee myself 6-odd years ago, but the standard of the fashion within these walls had jumped leaps and bounds since then. LEAPS AND BOUNDS. Trust me.

See? I told you. Kid in a candy store.

See? I told you. Kid in a candy store.



I literally couldn’t carry everything I was picking up at the pace I was picking them up. I’d spy a floaty top, a peplum skirt and a killer pair of heels all in the same second and I’m sure I looked the equivalent to a sugar-starved child in a lolly shop.

My goal for this back-to-work look? Well, I’ll admit I didn’t go into this shopping spree with much of a strategy in my mind. I’m the same with food shopping, I like to be inspired by the things I see instead of doing the smart thing and rocking in, list in hand. Sure, it means I splurge a little – but it also means I like to live dangerously, at least I like to think it does.

So I’ll get to the good part. Did I manage to fulfill the mission that I chose to accept?

I did my friends, I really did. And the best part? I still had cash to spare. Scout’s honour. Here’s the break down of my ENTIRE OUTFIT that cost a measly… well I’ll let you wait and see, shall I?


The shirt. By a Target-exclusive brand called ‘Tokyo Doll’. The range is very on-trend and I was instantly drawn to the silver detailing on the collar. It’s also got the sophistication of a business shirt, is summer-appropriate (hello sleeveless!) and is PERFECT to take you from desk to drinks in a nanosecond. PRICE PAID: $23.20


The skirt. Peplum by style, business-like by shape, sexy by fit. This little beauty flaunts all of the good bits and disguises the not so good bits. Goes with ANYTHING and succeeds in making you feel amazing in it. This is a top find, I tells ya. PRICE PAID: $27.55


The belt. This reversible belt was an absolute steal. The bright orange hue is perfect to add a pop of colour to an otherwise dreary, dark outfit. Better still, if you choose to wear bright shades, simply reverse your belt to discover a subtle, shimmery gold hue. PRICE PAID: $13.33


The watch. Bling bling! This rose gold/white watch is the perfect accessory if your office isn’t the ‘bracelets and big rings’ arena. Looking as though it belongs in a Marc Jacobs line-up, I just couldn’t wait to get my mitts on this arm candy. PRICE PAID: $31.11


The shoes. Slightly rounded at the front, chunky at the back and shiny all over, these patent leather pumps are the perfect work shoe for a number of reasons. One, they’re comfy as hell. Two, they’re inoffensive, you know, not too ‘showy’ for day wear – and three, they are perfect to skip along to after-work drinks in, too. PRICE PAID: $17.67

THE GRAND TOTAL? $112.86. Cue. Jaw. Drop.

It’s highway robbery. I feel like a criminal. I do. But I assure you I acquired the goods through law-abiding means. I have receipts!


So what do you think? I LOOK HOT, right? Un-flamin-believable if I do say so myself – and I have to admit I get a little giddy inside when I realise how little it cost to do it! My only gripe for the day? Just when I thought I’d tickled $150 right under the chin, I’d scan my goodies and realise that they were EVEN CHEAPER than stated on the price tag. That always seems to happen at Target, and it makes me so happy I want to name my first born after them. Boy or girl, I don’t care! It was ACTUALLY a struggle to reach my budget. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Plus, I feel so comfortable being in any kind of office in this outfit, and equally as happy to attend after-work activities. I feel confident, I feel sexy and I feel powerful. Hopefully with looks to match.

So go on, get yourselves in-store. I guarantee you’ll have your colleagues in all kinds of a spin if you do. Plus, you’ll be doing your bank balance an unbelievably massive favour, too.



What do you look for in work wear?

Have you experienced the amazing-ness of Target shopping?

Do you love a good bargain as much as I, the self proclaimed bargain hunter, does?