Oh my Minka.



There’s something you should know about me.

When I take on a television show, I really take it on.

It becomes a little part of my life. (Or a big one.) I become one with the characters. I feel what they feel. I ride beside them on their highs and plummet with them during their lows.

I’m not proud to admit it, but while watching my seventeenth episode of Dawson’s Creek straight one rainy Saturday morning, I actually felt depressed.

Not depressed because I wasn’t Joey Potter. Depressed more because the world I lived in wasn’t like their world – and it hurt me, it really did. I use to wish the guys in my life had the wit of one Pacey Witter and the deep, emotional fine tuning of Dawson Leery. I wished I stemmed from a small, close-knit town and had the desire and string of lucky opportunities awarded to me to become a Hollywood filmmaker.

Yeah, I guess they do take over my life a little.

The very same thing happened when I started watching Friday Night Lights.

This show had all of the makings to have me hook, line and sinker like many of its dramatic predecessors. Think DC, Melrose Place and Ally McBeal. I’ve had a serious love affair with them all.

There’s a small town – check. A dashing group of young and inspiring main characters – check. The hard-done by skinny guy that you can’t help but love – check. The jock with a heart that you can’t help but love even more (especially when his dreams are dramatically taken away from him) – check. And the beautiful girl who wins everyone’s hearts without even really trying – check, check, check.

Minka Kelly is one of those girls that you love and hate all at the same time. She has that brand of irresistible beauty that makes other girls want to cry. The perfect hair and skin are nothing compared to the smile and baby-style voice that makes guys want to drop straight down to one knee. Even the most bad-ass, un-tameable guys don’t stand a chance against the likes of Lyla Garrity.

If I could look like any lady, I can safely say I’d pick her.

I may not know Minka all that well, but if she’s anything like her Texas-born alter ego Lyla, she’s one seriously lucky lass. On Friday Night Lights, she charms the [horse-riding] pants off everyone. Every guy wants this perky cheerleader to call his own. Then, when an epic scandal is revealed, we can’t help but wonder how perfect Lyla will ever recover.

Well, she did – and she got an even hotter guy for her trouble. Figures. (Oh Tim Riggins…)




Here are five things I’ve learned  from Lyla Garrity.

#1: Always be the pure, good girl. Even if you’re pretty partial to a little hanky panky – don’t flaunt it. The saying ‘men like a lady in the street but a freak in the bed’ certainly rings true with Lyla G.

#2: Play up the cute. Secretly, guys love a cute girl as much as they love a sexy one. They’re big softies at heart you see, and there’s something just so irresistible about a girl that truly needs them to look after her.

#3: Be the ‘fun’ girl”. Not in a smarmy way, but in a fun-loving, is-perfectly-fine-on-her-own kind of way. It’s part of the reason Lyla is so loved by everyone. She knows how to have a good time without ending up laying in a gutter, gazing at the stars.

#4: Get the hair flick juuuuust right. She swishes that thing around like it’s her very own pom pom. Girlfriend has definitely got it right. It’s hypnotising to the Texan males.

#5: Show those pegs. Lyla switches between ear-to-ear grins and broody stares. I’m impartial, as I like them both – but she also has a perfect set of bedroom eyes in the back burner for when she needs them. Clever little squirrel.




Who is your biggest girl crush?

What have you learned from television dramas?

Do you lose sleep over Tim Riggings too?