My experience at an adult store



I’ve heard about high end adult stores before.
I know you can find high end strippers, too.

I kind of thought it was just something people said when they didn’t want to be reprimanded for having an interest in sex, or making a crust in that industry, perhaps?

But no, it seems that there is a place you can go when you want to explore the safe, non-smutty side of adult toys and accompaniments – and though I probably wouldn’t make visiting a place like Maxx Black a high item on my to-do list if it it wasn’t in my job spec, I’m sure glad I did.

I was greeted instantly by a gorgeous blonde woman named Heidi Zuegn, who is the Sexual Stylist at Maxx Black – and  who you could just tell ‘oozed’ sex. Not in a smutty way, but a confident, powerful way that I instantly respected. She was comfortable in her skin, I on the other hand was shifting from left to right foot as if I were balancing on hot coals.

The place was crawling with dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, anything and everything an adult man or woman could ever want during playtime. It was a little daunting to say the least, I consider myself somewhat of a good girl, the cross-legged kind (at least on the outside) and being surrounded by so much sexual paraphernalia was a very new experience for me. My family is the kind that doesn’t talk about sex, to be honest all we get when we mention words like ‘penis’ is a giggle from my mum – so discussing how human-like in texture and shape these vibrators were was definitely a new experience for me.

The things I learned from Heidi during my visit to Maxx Black were astounding. They’re different to a smutty sex shop in that they focus on educating their consumers, instead of just letting them walk out the door with the new Rabbit 2000. They only carry brands with body-safe silicone, they don’t have inappropriate diagrams or slogans – and believe it or not, the store is very much about romance and ways to keep (or relight) the flame going between you and your partner.

They had a costumes room too, given that this is for the more hardcore among us, it didn’t interest me all that much, but I could appreciate how upmarket and elegant the layout was. The black latex outfits were of a superior quality and you could tell you were buying items that hadn’t fallen off the back of a truck, or that had been created in a dark and dingy, sex-filled dungeon somewhere, which, let’s be honest – is what we all think when we think about adult costumes.

So what have I learned from my experience? Sex is a natural thing, it’s a big part of life and shouldn’t be pushed aside for fear of being judged. Exploring your sexuality could do amazing things for you and your relationship with your partner – and it definitely doesn’t have to include scary masks, whips and butt plugs. But if it does, power to you. No judgement here. Whatever turns you on.








What is your opinion on adult stores?

Would you ever visit one with your partner?