Try it tonight: the 3am rodeo


Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid, you’d swear it was real life?
If you’re nodding your head all knowingly at your screen, then you’d probably be the perfect candidate for what I like to call ‘The 3am rodeo’.

Unknown to many, the 3am rodeo isn’t something that everyone can achieve, but sources (i.e. girlfriends that like to spill the beans about their sex lives) tell me, that mid-night nookie is becoming a sport that more and more couples are wanting a piece of.

Let me explain. For the 3am rodeo to work like it’s intended, a couple needs to wake up to a stirring between the sheets in the early hours of the morning. The action happens when both people are still half asleep and their minds are completely at ease; giving the other senses a chance to perk up and take the spotlight. Inhibitions are lost and fun is definitely had. It’s the kind of sex that a virgin visualises; perfect, mind-blowing and good enough to make you think it’s a dream. There’s no awkwardness, no wishing it would ‘just end already’ and no extraordinary effort to reach the station, if you know what I mean.

However, as amazing as the 3am rodeo may be – not everyone can experience it. It takes someone to initiate it and both parties to be in that blissful state of slumber. Your body needs to be ready; relaxed and alert at the same time. You also need to rely heavily on a little effortless foreplay; and I think I’ve worked out a few ways to help you tick all of the boxes that can help you to experience the rodeo.

– sleep naked.
This is crucial, as a bit of bumping up against each other in the middle of the night, skin-on-skin can be enough to get the blood flowing to the right places, if you know what I mean. And as we all know, men tend to think with their nether regions, so as long as all of the thought is coming from that general area, their mind will stay in a total state of zen while everything below the belt is full speed ahead, captain.

– rug up.
Ensuring that your body is a little on the warmer side can ensure that you enjoy a comforting sleep and still stay a little alert. The warmth will make you feel snuggly and also prevent you from reaching the kind of deep sleep that will prevent you from waking up. For this reason, a flannelette sheet is the perfect addition to the boudoir if you’re wanting to warm up good and proper.

– spritz perfume.
In addition to the skin-on-skin action, smelling amazeballs will ensure you appeal to your guys nose, which we all know has a somewhat indirect link to his member.


Have you ever tried the 3am rodeo? What are your tips to experience a blissful state of dream-like sex?