The wedding ring wait


There’s a new trend sweeping the world – and no, it’s nothing to do with topless travel shots (though, those are doing remarkably well at the moment, wouldn’t you say?).

It’s about wedding rings and how just like everything else in a woman’s life, we’re being incredibly indecisive about what we want to be wearing on our left ring finger for the rest of our lives.

Back in the day, it was a man’s pleasure to choose a ring for his bride-to-be and present it to her, to which she was gush and sob and scream ‘yes!’. Cue jumping into his arms and applause from surrounding civilians, nodding happily towards the loved-up pair. Until now, we’ve always thought that the sobbing was tears of joy, but in fact, it could be due to the combined emotions of marrying the man of their dreams, but having to wear a ring they just don’t love for the rest of their lives.

These days, it’s becoming clear that women want to choose the ring to be bound to their finger for eternity – and that trusting your mate to be able to choose the ring to best suit you actually isn’t the best idea. And so the ‘wedding ring wait’ was born.

In this modern-day ritual, the man gifts his bride a faux ring, like a cubic zirconia, or in quirkier situations, a ring pop (or something else ‘sweet’ that can momentarily substitute for a ring) or simply the diamond as a gesture (or almost a prop) to propose with. The intent is to choose a ring together later – or in fact, allow the bride to design or choose her own special ring.

Though great for the bride, this new trend can take some of the ‘shine’ off the whole proposal, pardon the pun. It means that everyone’s first comment, ‘show me the ring!’ falls kind of well… flat.

So in a time when women are so sure of what they want, is there room for a man to surprise and delight us anymore? Or have our strong minds prevented us from ever being whisked off our feet?

All throughout this debate, I’ve remained pleasantly surprised by one thing. The fact that men have been so willing to buck traditional values, values that their parents probably tried to instil in them, in order to please their partner. You know, the whole ‘men buy the ring that they think their fiancĂ© will adore, and said fiancĂ© is thrilled’ (even if she’s kind of not). They’re also impressing in the creativity stakes; coming up with unique ways to make a proposal special, and give their lady exactly what she wants.

So, where do I sit on this debate? I’m still of the opinion that the best thing a girl with an itchy ring finger can do, is load up their sister and best friend with endless photos of rings you adore. In other words, make it impossible for him to get it wrong, while letting him have the glory of getting it right.

What do you think?