The moment being single became cool


Have you noticed a bit of a weird trend lately?

When I say lately, I don’t mean over the last few months – I’m talking the last few decades – and when it comes to guys’ views of relationships, lately, something just ain’t right.

Back in the day, to be ‘cool’ meant getting the girl, scoring a date and being all kinds of loved up. Those that were single weren’t as lucky, and while that might not seem right, it certainly seems more right than th4 views many fellas I know have of relationships today.

It seems that in a world of opportunity, the possibilities are endless. These days, it’s all about keeping yourself open and ready for the endless stream of women that are bound to just land in your lap – at least, that’s what most guys under 30 seem to think.

You look at movies of The Notebook nature, or the films our parents used to watch. Without a doubt, the guy who was the absolute coolest was the one that got the girl. The one that scored the date, or the one who had the girlfriend.

I miss visions of men strutting down the street on their way to pick up a girl for a date; flowers in hand, smile on their face, excited at the prospect of heading out with a beautiful girl. It’s not about getting laid (well, not always), it’s about the honour that used to come with scoring a date and getting the girl. If you didn’t have a date on a Friday or Saturday night, you were lesser than your pal who’d secured a movie with the hot girl from school. These days for many guys, going on a date is about as embarrassing as having erectile dysfunction; they don’t want their mates to know about it and they sure as hell don’t want it getting out to any other girls.

It bothers me a little, seeing these young guys who refuse to be tied down to any girl, for what reason? Because they’re too irresistible? Too attractive? There’s even a song to support the movement; a New Boyz song called ‘She ain’t gon’ tie me down’, I mean, come ON.

It’s like women are just thirsty, boyfriend-hungry animals that are determined to get a man to be their everything -and I’m not silly, I know these crazy broads exist (and fellas, you’ve a right to be scared) but we are certainly not all cut from the same cloth.

I guess what I want is to know when it suddenly became uncool to be in love? To be appreciated and adored by someone you considered your equal? Isn’t that what we’re all searching for in life after all? The way I see it, the earlier you experience it the luckier you are, and if that’s an ‘uncool’ stance to take, then you can just call me Steve Urkel.

When do you think it became cooler to be single than to find love and be in a relationship?