I cut off all my hair – and then this happened


Hi, I’m Olivia – and recently I cut off all my hair. Well not all my hair, but a few bloody good inches.

That isn’t supposed to be all that shocking, except it is – because I actually feel like a new, different woman.

Who knew that taking off just a couple of inches could make such an impact? The girls have noticed, the guys have noticed – it’s even easier to style.

Yep, I’m doing the wash, lightly blow-dry and tong combo of a morning, and it feels liberating – a far cry from the hour and half chore that it was when my hair skimmed past my shoulders.

I can’t believe how much difference it makes. My hair sits better, dries better and just looks better than ever, all because I FINALLY let go of the split ends I was holding onto in order to feel attractive.

So why have women always been SO afraid of short hair? Did we think it would strip us of our femininity? Inject us with a shot of testosterone? Plant a pair of balls between our thighs? Sorry – vivid picture.


I try not to jump on a trend purely because it’s a trend, but what I’ve discovered by braving the scissors is that this look is not only aesthetically pleasing, but fully functional as well. It makes you look like a modern, feminine woman. Someone who has their shit together, and well and truly knows what she wants.

I am a living, breathing modern women and it’s all because of the ‘do. Seriously, all you need is a Celine slung over your arm, a good pair of mules and an off-the-shoulder top that hugs your arms and you could basically rule the god damn world.