This is a blog by me – Olivia Mackinnon.

I figured the best way to introduce myself was to conduct a short interview with, erm… myself. So enjoy this slightly odd one on one…

So Olivia, how did you begin blogging?

Well. I’ve been writing for my career since 2009, although I’ve been writing for myself for a lot longer. I work for a beauty website – kind of like an online mag (not naming names), so it wasn’t really an appropriate arena to divulge all of my musings surrounding fashion and all that relationship hullabaloo I just had to get off my chest – so NQC was born kind of organically I guess.

And why should we read your blog?

Hmmm – excellent question. I guess because I tell it like I see it, as in, I don’t talk about things I know I don’t have a good handle on (unless of course I do believe I know a lot about it, which is obviously the case a lot of the time). I talk about experiences that I’ve been through, hopefully in a way that others can relate to. I’m also your port of call when you want to bitch about bastard men, compare relationship war stories or are keen for a bit of a dating hiatus.

But like, what qualifications do you have?

Well, apart from the obvious varied experiences with guys (I mean relationship-wise… keep your mind out of the gutter you naughty little squirrel’s), a good group of girlfriends to explore everywhere with (and who tell me all of their juicy little love monkey tales) and a passion for people – I’m also an FBI Fashion College graduate, Fashion Business was my particular type of tequila (I’m not much of a sewer you see.) I’m also a little bit physic so I already know what you want to read about before you do, which is very handy indeed!

Okay, tell us something cool about you?

Geez. I don’t know about something cool, but I do have a few quirky elements to me. Like, I hate velvet, I can’t even handle its sister-fabric, suede. That fuzzy, short-haired feeling makes me seriously clammy. Honestly, sweaty palms are now plaguing me as I type. I also get a bad case of writers block unless my hair is in a ponytail – so there’s never any sign of tousled Giselle locks when I’m palm to keyboard. I change lip hues around 5 times a day on average, banana bread is my guilty pleasure, I’m an epic turban and bright lip enthusiast and although I say I hate those houses that compete against each other over who has the most Christmas lights in December – I secretly want to be one of them…

and finally, what musical instrument do you play?

Well, incidentally I left my treasured clarinet in my year six time capsule, alongside my fab friend file and angry, unfed tamagotchi – so no, I don’t play an instrument at the moment – but I do enjoy good music, and a perfect vanilla milkshake, and a visit to any sushi train, also looking at celebrities without make-up and building on my already impressive home wares hoarding collection. I also sometimes whistle whilst I work. Doesn’t that count for anything?