The cougar and the cub

The young boy. The cub. Why does he draw such infinite interest from slightly (or even not so slightly) older girls?

Is it his careless charisma? Or his ability to make us feel as youthful as we wish we could be?

Is it the thrill of being the more experienced half of the pair? Both in life and perhaps also in the bedroom? Although from what i’ve heard, many of the boys that are a couple of years your junior are also far more experienced in the boudoir. No, mostly I think it’s their confidence, their cockiness – whatever you’d like to brand it. It’s alluring and oh-so aggravating, and there’s a reason it’s trending all over the globe – women and men alike actually can’t get enough of it.

The fact that some of these boys think they have a chance with someone a few years older makes women scoff  – and their ability to be open and totally not vulnerable about it surprisingly does often put them in with a chance. I think Demi had the right idea, heck, if I had me some Ashton I’d be all smiles with a glow of a woman half my age too. Some call her brave, I call her a fucking pioneer.






What do you think of the cougar/cub scenario?

Have you ever dated a younger lover?

Does this sound like a Discovery Channel-type safari doco to you too?